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Kefir made with water

      Water kefir is produced using water, sugar, dried fruits and water kefir crystals. The kefir crystals are also called Japanese sea crystals. They can reach a size of approximately 0,3 - 2 cm in diameter and are of a transparent white colour. Similar to the milk kefir, this also is a symbiosis between precious acid bacteria and yeast fungi.

      About curative properties of sea crystals it was known in the earliest societies of China and India.
Under the name Tibi, the crystals live on Opuntia-cactuses and live off sugary excretions of these plants.

      Water kefir is said to have some healing effects. It is a fact that this kefir drink is an important contribution to our health, as it contains large amounts of lactic acid bacteria, yeast, vitamin B and vitamin C.

      The production of water kefir is not complicated: for one litre of water you will need between 40g and 80g of sugar and the same amount of kefir crystals (4 table spoons of Japanese sea crystals). You need dissolve sugar in water, to add some dried fruit (a fig, 40 raisins or the same amount of any other dried fruit).
      At room temperature, the production takes between 24 hours and 4 days (depending on your preference). Now, everything is poured through a sifter (attention: do not use a metal sifter!). The finished drink can be put into bottles. It is best to enjoy it chilled.

      Unfortunately water kefir is not for sale on the market. The crystals reproduce if they are "fed" properly. Anybody who would like to produce this healthy drink for himself, should not hesitate to contact me.

water kefir crystals +32(488) 41-77-20

The price: 1 table spoon of water kefir crystals - 50 euros.


My phone in Belgium: +32 487 94 22 34

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